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SCHILLINGER Digital Business Resources AG

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6045 Meggen/Switzerland

HR-No.: CHE-222.097.612 (Kanton Luzern, Switzerland)

Chairman of the Board, Shareholder: Riku Rautsola, Ph.D.
Board of Directors Member, Shareholder: Birgit Bramlage, Ph.D.

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Riku Rautsola, Ph.D., Hochrütihalde 3, 6045 Meggen/Switzerland

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Branch in Germany:

SCHILLINGER Digital Business Resources GmbH

Südring 17
69514 Laudenbach/Germany
Phone: +49 (0)6201 98698-0
Fax: +49 (06201 98698-99

HR-No.: HRB 724776  (Mannheim, Germany)

Managing Director: Brigitte Höhn

General Terms and Conditions
for temporary utilization of digital contents

1. Preamble and field of application

The following General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply for all contracts concluded during utilization of the domain between the customer and

SCHILLINGER Digital Business Resources AG
Hochrütihalde 3
6045 Meggen/Switzerland
(following: SCHILLINGER)

The appropriate version of the GTC during the conclusion of the contract will be applicable at the time of completion.

Customers of SCHILLINGER and as defined here in the GTC are solely enterprisers, societies and associations.

Enterprisers as defined in the GTC are either a natural or a corporate body or a non-incorporated firm vested with legal capacity, operating in execution of its commercial or self-employed professional function during the conclusion of contract with SCHILLINGER. A non-incorporated firm vested with legal capacity is a non-incorporated firm equipped with the capability to acquire rights and enter into engagements. An enterpriser is also considered such if representing special assets.

2. Conclusion of contract and warranty

  1. Within the scope of the online shop at the domain, the customer is provided with the opportunity to purchase a temporary utilization of digital products. In order to do so, the customer has to proceed through the ordering process available in the online shop. By clicking the “Buy” button, the customer submits a binding offer regarding the conclusion of a temporary utilization contract with costs for the respective digital contents. By forwarding of the customer to the internet site of the payment service provider or by explicit notice of acceptance (written or by E-Mail), SCHILLINGER can accept this offer. The wording of the contract is not logged by SCHILLINGER and thus not available for retrieval to the customer.The contract conclusion is available in the following languages: English
  2. Access to the contents purchased temporarily is provided by SCHILLINGER by granting access opportunity to those contents via the internet.After conclusion of contract and settled payment, the customer is provided with access data by SCHILLINGER wherein the customer can access the digital contents within the scope of the contractually agreed upon term of contract.The user account for access to the digital contents covered by the contract is not transferrable to any third party.The digital contents covered by the contract are solely for utilization by the customer. A transfer of the digital contents to any third party is not permitted. In particular, the digital contents covered by the contract are not permitted to be rented, sold or in any other way be made accessible to any third party.The utilization of data is permitted solely for legally allowed purposes. In particular, the utilization of the data to the purpose of unsolicited sending of commercial E-Mails is not permissible. Violations of these laws inflict penalties according to both, civil- and criminal laws.Customers have to secure secrecy regarding the received password and protect the access to their user account with according care. The customers are obligated to inform SCHILLINGER immediately if any evidence indicates that a user account is used by any third party.
  3. SCHILLINGER guarantees that the digital contents are accessible via the internet during the term of the contract.Modifications, alterations of and additions to the digital contents covered by the contract as well as any measures serving the purpose of determination and correction of malfunctions will only cause temporary interruption or interference of accessibility, if technical reasons make this necessary.The availability of the digital contents covered by the contract is 98.5% annual average including maintenance.The warranty stipulations of Switzerland apply.

3. Terms of payment / default of payment

All prices stated are to be understood net price in EURO and are free of VAT (Value Added Tax) in accordance with Article 10, paragraph 2a of the Value Added Tax Law (Swiss Confederation).
Payment is possible by the payment methods stated and available in the online shop.

The charge for the temporary utilization of digital contents has to be paid by the customer in advance as contracted. The payment is due upon invoicing by SCHILLINGER and payable within a 10 (ten) days’ time limited period to SCHILLINGER strictly net.

4. Performance term

Force majeure, war, terrorism, suspicion of terrorism, insurgency, strike, lockout, disturbances of raw materials or power supply or other events SCHILLINGER cannot avert in spite of application of reasonable care and inhibit proper performance, release SCHILLINGER of the commitment to supply and perform for the respective duration of these events.

5. Term / cancellation

The utilization options of the digital contents as provided in the contract will be granted for the contractually defined term. The term of utilization starts upon deployment of access by SCHILLINGER. After expiration of the contractually agreed term of utilization for the digital contents, these contents are no longer available to the customer. An automatic extension of contract does not proceed. If the customer wishes to continue utilizing the digital contents, the customer has to purchase the temporary access again.

The mutual right for termination for cause remains unaffected by above clause.

6. Limitation of liability

In principle, SCHILLINGER can only be held liable in cases of intent or gross negligence. SCHILLINGER is also liable in cases of acts of negligent violation of duties, if those result in violation of life, of body or health or if a guarantee or claims resulting from product liability laws are concerned. SCHILLINGER also is liable for negligent violation of duties, which originally enable fulfilment of orderly execution of contract, and their violation cause failure to achieving the purpose of the contract, and the user has trusted on their adherence on a regular basis. In the last mentioned case, SCHILLINGER cannot be held liable for unforeseen, not contractually typical damage. SCHILLINGER is not liable for slight negligent violation of other duties. Above stipulated limitations of liability do also apply for vicarious agents of SCHILLINGER.

7. Final provisions

  1. For all legal relations between the parties, the laws of the Swiss Confederation applies excluding the laws concerning international sales and purchase of movable goods.
  2. If one or more provisions of these terms and conditions completely or partially ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions are not affected.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

We collect, use and store your personal data exclusively within the framework of the Swiss Data Protection Laws and Regulations (DSG). In the following we inform you about type, scope and purpose of data collection and utilization.

Collecting and processing of data

Every time our website is accessed and each retrieval of one of the files in this website will be logged. All electronic storage serves internal, system-related and statistic purposes. The following items are logged: Name of the retrieved file, date and time of the retrieval, transmitted data volume, notification of successful retrieval, web browser and requesting domain. Further, person-related data is only recorded, if the user of the website and/or customer provides information voluntarily, for example in regards to an inquiry or registration or via the set-up of his/her browser.

Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a text file sent during the visit of a website and logged temporarily in the cache of the hard disk of the user visiting this website. If and when the according server of our website is being activated again by the user, the user’s browser re-sends the previously received cookie back to the server.

The server is able to analyze the information received through this procedure in various ways. Cookies for example allow the control of display of advertising or make navigating on an internet site easier. If the user wants to disable the use of cookies, he/she can do so by change of set-ups in the locally used internet browser, which means the program used to open and display of internet sites (for example Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari, etc.).

Utilization and disclosure of personal data

As for the personal data the user of our website has provided, we use this data only for replying to inquiries of the user of this website, for technical administration or for processing of contracts concluded with us. Personal data will not be submitted or transferred to third parties unless imperative to the purpose of provision of the internet offer or the purpose of processing of contracts or the user of the website has explicitly agreed to such submitting or transfer. At any time, the user of the website has the right to revoke such a provided agreement with effect on the future.

Deletion of logged personal data will be executed, when the user of the website revokes the agreement for storing, when their information is no longer required for fulfilment of the purpose connected to the storage or when their storage is inadmissible for other legal reasons. Data in regard to accounting purposes or invoicing purposes are not affected by a deletion request.

Right to information

Upon written request we will inform the user of the website regarding the data logged concerning his/her person. Send this request to the following address:

Schillinger Digital Business Resources AG
Hochrütihalde 3
6045 Meggen/Switzerland

Utilization of the Facebook “Like“ button

Our website and internet presence utilizes the Facebook “Like” button provided by the social network Facebook, the operator is Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. Following called “Facebook”. The Facebook “Like“ button is marked with the Facebook logo, an ”f“. Calling up one of the websites of our internet presence which contains the Facebook “Like” button, your server will build up a direct connection with the Facebook server. The content of the plug-in will be directly transferred to the Facebook by your browser and integrated in the website. By integrating the plug-ins, Facebook receives the information that you have retrieved the according site of our internet presence. If you are logged in at Facebook, Facebook is able to match your visit with your Facebook account. If you utilize the “Like” button or write a comment, the according information will be transmitted directly to Facebook by your browser and stored there. Please read the Privacy notice of Facebook regarding purpose and volume and further processing and utilization of data by Facebook as well as your according rights and settings options for protection of your privacy. If you do not want Facebook to collect data through our internet presence, you have to log out of Facebook prior to visiting our internet presence.

Utilization of Twitter

Our internet presence includes functionalities of the internet service provider Twitter. The provision of those services is conducted by Twitter Inc., 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA. If you utilize Twitter or its function “re-tweet”, the sites you retrieved will be connected to your account with Twitter Inc. as well as made available to other users. In addition, data will be transferred to Twitter Inc. We as the provider of the website do not receive any knowledge of the content of the data transferred to Twitter or the utilization of the same by Twitter Inc. According information you will find in the privacy policy of Twitter Inc. at URL You can change your personal privacy and data protection directly at Twitter in your account settings.

Utilization of analysis service Piwik

Our website utilizes „Piwik“, which is a web analysis service provider. Piwik utilizes “cookies”, which are text files saved on your computer and which enable us to analyze the usage of the website. For this purpose, the utilization information created by the cookies (including your abridged IP address) is transferred to our server and logged for utilization analysis purposes serving as a tool to optimize our websites. Your IP address is immediately anonymized. Thus you as a user remain anonymous to us. The information generated by the cookie concerning your utilization of this website is at no point and under no circumstance forwarded to any third party. You can control the utilization of cookies by changing the settings in your browser software. Please be aware that in this case it might not be possible to utilize all functions of this website to the full extent.

If your do not agree to storage and analysis of this data retrievable from your visit, you can disagree to storage and utilization by mouse click below. In this case, a so-called “opt-out” cookie will be stored in your browser. As a result, Piwik cannot collect any session data. Be aware: If you delete your cookies, you might delete that the opt-out cookie is deleted as well and thus would have to be re-activated by you.

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