Trade Show on the Go. THE virtual, multi-channel Trade Show for the healthcare industries to present themselves to the world of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and technology, healthcare and life sciences. Find and connect with professionals, experts and interested end-users.


The revolutionary Virtual Trade Show and Communication Platform

Mark the start of a new era of information and communication with the SCHILLINGER iEXPO, a virtual trade show for the life science- and healthcare industry, experts and interested audiences, everybody dealing with the topics of health, medicine and wellness.

SCHILLINGER iEXPO – year-around and 24/7, wherever you are in the world, the state-of-the-art tools of SCHILLINGER iEXPO enable a professional display of services and products as well as interactive communication and information exchange, an easy to use and highly efficient access from any device internet capable – your PC, Tablet or Smartphone – a true revolution in modern B2B and B2C. Starting 2017, this platform will be online, open to exhibitors and visitors at

If you decide now to book your iBooth, you get the Early Bird Discount with 25% OFF! In addition, your registration will be part of a Raffle to Win One Of Ten Vouchers 25% OFF! Among the first 100 registration an independent party will draw 10 lucky winners! And: Among the first 100 orders for an iBooth your order will be part of a Raffle to WIN YOUR FREE BOOTH!



Especially smaller and mid-sized companies are highly interested in the cost-effective, time- and resources saving opportunity, presenting their own company and own product- and service portfolio all year around on a virtual platform where the international professional audiences and colleagues roam. State-of-the-art tools like video conferences, instant messaging, live chats, virtual seminar rooms, even privatized direct contacts – the sky’s the limit! And the developments have only just begun!

One further advantage of SCHILLINGER iEXPO is the alleviation of work: instead of painstakingly collecting individual information on the visitors and having to actively distribute own information, the virtual trade show provides both, exhibitors and visitors, with virtually unlimited opportunities to gather and distribute information. Establish business contacts? Interest visitors in your booth, your own products and services? Get in touch with prospective customers directly and have a conversation with them? Inform your distributors about your latest developments? No problem at all with the multitude of options provided by the SCHILLINGER iEXPO.

The advantages are clear: The savings in travel expenses, lodging, labor costs, advertising materials, costs for booth fee and construction etc. are tremendous compared to conventional fairs. This enormous cost-efficiency and the multitude of modern communication tools involving Social Media plus the year-around availability reflect in the number of exhibitors and visitors!

The main target of SCHILLINGER iEXPO, as THE virtual trade show, is to establish business contacts, to generate new customers and trading partners and to maintain existing relations, just like any conventional fair. The virtual trade show provides exhibitors and visitors with the most modern communication tools around the clock and with the best cost-benefit ratio.

You decide when and who you want to get in touch with – whenever you want, regardless from where you are at that moment! The future starts right now – be a part of it!

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